6 Reasons for Stair Carpeting Dallas TX

Posted on 11/19/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

A modern approach to carpeting can lend interest to a boring set of stairs.  Where stairwells are a focal point already, carpeting them can make them appear more elegant and inviting. Here are five reasons why you may want to consider stair carpeting Dallas TX.

Adding Elegance When Carpeting Stairs Dallas TX


The pictures on this page demonstrate how gorgeous a carpeted staircase can be. When we were providing the flooring for this house, we got as excited as the homeowner about the staircase 

design.  As you can see, the final look is attractive and modern.  The runner creates a feeling of motion, which is appropriate for a place where people are on the move. The carpet could have been installed as a wall to wall covering, but it looks good with exposed wood. You could use a similar approach in a classic home, but instead you might use a single-color, neutral runner that wouldn’t steal the show. 

Frankly, there are many ways to add design flair when carpeting stairs in Dallas TX.  Every type of carpet comes in such a variety of colors and patterns that you can find a very specific look that matches your very special home.

Adding Variety

Your stair covering doesn’t have to be the same as your other carpets or floors.  That opens up your choices to all thicknesses and all designs.  Berber carpets continue to be tops for utility, but they are now much prettier and much softer.  With a thicker carpet, you could choose a basket weave pattern that adds visual interest to a stairwell.  You can go for a bold color that contrasts with your other carpets or flooring.  A soft neutral tone fades into the background, allowing other room design elements to shine.  Wide stairs can be narrowed with a solid, neutral color carpet.  A pattern can make narrow stairs seem wider.  A waterfall runner can be affixed with decorative stair rods. 



Carpeted stairs are much more welcoming to tired people. At the end of the day, something soft underfoot is much more desirable than a hard surface.   You can also imagine people sitting on the stairs at a big party and being perfectly comfortable. Children much prefer carpeted stairs for climbing, sitting, and playing.


Many stairs have closets and other open spaces beneath them.  Carpeting provides insulation against heat loss. Furthermore, on a cold weekend morning, you can skip your slippers as you make the trek to the kitchen for your first cup of coffee. 

Providing Tread

Whereas wooden stairs can be slippery, carpet has natural tread. Everyone, especially kids, are safer with carpeting.  Carpet tread is especially important on steep stairs and long staircases.  It reduces the chances of an accident. 

Muffling Sound

Unless you are listening for a teenager that has stayed out too late, you probably don’t want to hear people going up and down the stairs.  Carpeting muffles footsteps much better than plain wood.  This can be important to the level of noise in your home on a daily basis, at a party, or during a big family gathering.

For more about carpeting stairs in Dallas TX, talk to the staff at Peeks.  Our full-service stores can help you find the right design in the best carpeting.  Then our professional team can install the carpet, ensuring the job is done right.

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