A Guide to the Best Carpet Pad for Your New Flooring

Posted on 02/14/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

Your carpet pad is the foundation for your carpet. Getting the right quality can be just as important as getting the right quality carpet. In this blog, we’ll address the questions that should be asked when purchasing new carpet for your home or business. Let’s make sure you get the best carpet pad to extend the life of your carpet.

What’s The Relationship Of Carpet And Padding?


Keep in mind that your carpet is woven fibers with a backing. Padding protects the backing, which cannot take wear and tear. As the padding erodes or tears, the backing loses its protection. The carpet loses its tautness and may have waves. These unsightly bulges are an invitation to trip. Furthermore, the carpet is losing its ability to retain fibers and bare spots may begin to develop.

Low quality padding can save you money and keep you in budget. However, it may have lumps that will plague barefooted walkers. It will wear out quicker, and that will loosen your carpet and leave bumps.

Higher quality padding is a must-have for higher quality carpet. It also makes a difference with lower priced carpeting as well. You can expect it to be perfectly smooth. The fit is better, which means that it may last as long as the carpet, rather than leaving you with bare spots. This video about low vs. high quality carpet padding explains more.

Most Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for Carpet

Our staff gets many questions about carpeting, but people aren’t as interested in carpet padding types. We encourage you to ask questions about padding when you are shopping. The answers may be important to getting the best product for your floors. Here’s what you should ask:

  • What padding thickness and density is appropriate for my style of carpet?

  • What padding options do I have in that thickness/density?

  • Which padding quality matches my carpet quality?

  • Which padding type and thickness/density upholds my carpet warranty?

  • Can my old padding be reused?

What Padding Is Right For My Carpet Style?

The most typical height of a carpet pad is 7/16″. However, not every carpet works best with that style. Berber and short-pile carpets may need something thinner. That’s because the thicker the pad is, the more give it has. Short-pile and Berber styles can actually be damaged if there is too much give in the padding. To offset its thinner size, you will want the padding to be denser. Ask your Peek’s staffer about which height is best for your carpet.

Density is also important. You can get high quality padding with an 8-pound rating or alternately a 40-ounce rating. You definitely don’t want to go lower than a 6.5-pound pad or alternately a 30-ounce rating. With the minor price difference between these two, many homeowners go for the denser padding. It will last longer.

How does Quality Figure into It?

If you want your carpet to last longer, a higher quality pad is the answer. Remember, the typical bulges you see in aging carpet are due to padding erosion. A quality pad is designed to last longer. It has a more uniform construction which reduces the chances of pulling apart or eroding. We encourage you to ask our staff about carpet and padding cost.

The most expensive carpets definitely deserve the highest quality padding. This will ensure that your investment is protected. You should have a good fit for the longest possible time period. Your fibers won’t wear out prematurely because the padding will protect the backing. You can learn more about carpet types in this shopping guide.

Should I Rely On The Squeeze Test?

Many people think that squeezing the padding will tell them if it is the right one. Actually a squeeze is misleading. If it is nice and soft, it is actually not the best padding. You want it to feel soft but firm. However, if you touch the padding and notice lumps, you’ll know that you want a higher quality padding that is smoother for your bare feet!

Should I Reuse My Old Padding?

Unless your old carpet is only a few years old, your padding is probably not worth reusing. After all, dirt passes through to it, rushing feet tug at it, and spills leave moisture. It’s safest to get new padding when you get new carpet. Definitely check your carpet warranty if you do decide to keep your old padding. The wrong padding can void warranties.

If My Carpet Is Still Good, Can I Just Replace Carpet Padding?

Yes, some people do replace old padding. Most commonly it will be because a cheap padding was used and the carpet hasn’t gone bad yet. With new padding, the carpet can be refitted tightly to the floor and any deterioration will be slowed or stopped.

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You are invited to get more answers about carpet padding. Peek’s Carpet Co. sales staff knows the ins and outs of this issue. Our team of experts is happy to help.

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