Adding Instant Indoor Character with Reclaimed Shiplap

Posted on 09/12/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

It can be classy, modern, country or contemporary. Shiplap is taking Dallas by storm, and it’s no secret why. This classic building material is getting buzzing everywhere from HGTV’s Fixer Upper to high style magazines. Find out how you can maximize the charm and texture of reclaimed shiplap in your next home renovation.

What Is Reclaimed Shiplap?


Shiplap is type of wood wall covering made of horizontally laid, interlocking planks. The planks have a unique tongue-and-groove cut along their long sides. Only one side has a tongue, and the other side has the groove. When laid side-by-side, they slide together and provide gapless wall coverage. It can be installed directly on studs or on a plywood underlayment.

The tight, gapless coverage makes shiplap a classic and ideal outdoor siding. It protects buildings like barns, sheds and even homes from harsh weather and pouring rain. Today, its rustic good looks has made it one of the hottest indoor design trends. Our salvaged boards are taken from outbuildings that have fallen into disuse to bring you an authentic, weathered look that can’t be beat.

Pairing Rustic Elements

No matter what your overall style, shiplap shines when paired with other rustic elements. Whitewashed shiplap with dark, exposed beams adds instant drama and texture. Barn doors emphasize utility and an outdoor feel. Warm metal elements like brass knobs, copper range hoods and wrought iron contrast shiplap’s understated texture while still capturing its provincial roots. Whether they’re old or new, brick and stone feel homey and add a much-needed texture shift.

Choosing your floors can be the hardest part. Shiplap and reclaimed flooring go hand-in-hand, but you can also take advantage of the latest distressed hardwood floor styles if you want more control over your color palate. Medium to dark tones are popular choices. Light woods and grays are a refined, contemporary twist. You can even find distressed looks in LVP products to use in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. For a more modern look, you can pair shiplap with dark stone, concrete or even patterned carpet.

Choosing Furniture and Accessories

There’s nothing that says you can’t put a bright yellow, mod-minimalist chair in the same room as shiplap. Everything can be tied together with details. In furniture, look for elements that either compliment or pop against the shiplap. A single piece of antique furniture can be a show-stopper, but a dark teal couch can as well. With modern looks, consider pieces that showcase either stained or white painted wood.

Accessories can marry practically any style with shiplap. Old farm tools, signs and similar weathered features are a favorite and easy to come by in Dallas antique shops. Chic styles favor muted or neutral palates paired with either bright white or dark accents. To go more eclectic, pick a few bright pieces and tie them in with white accessories that match their style. Even a single colorful rug, shower curtain or piece of art will add welcome liveliness.

Playing with Texture

While some new shiplap is finely milled and available in a variety of woods, most reclaimed shiplap is made from rough-hewn pine. Once painted, it adds a subtle background texture to your space that’s easy to emphasize. From plants to rugs, any textured material you add will play off your walls and round out your design.

Build a palate of textures that’s balanced. If you choose a couch with a stark, woven texture, go with uniform rug like wool. Pair a fluffy sheepskin with a clean-lined, brass-and-wood table. Practically any plant looks magnificent against shiplap. You can even experiment with texture on your walls. In a bathroom, a statement wall that’s half stone, half shiplap breaks up the white and brings a natural element into the space.

What About New Shiplap and Alternatives?

New shiplap is an excellent option if you want wider boards, a different type of wood or are looking for a more natural, paint-free look than salvaged choices can offer. New shiplap is available in materials like oak and plank widths up to 10 inches. These darker, wider materials make a fantastic backdrop for more contemporary designs.

Any reclaimed wood planks can be put up to recreate the look of shiplap, opening your options to more colors, widths and textures than shiplap alone. If you’re looking for something similar to shiplap that can withstand high humidity, wood look tile is an excellent option. New printing and texturing techniques gives these tiles incredible dimension, and they’re easy to clean.

Reclaimed shiplap has that classic Texas look all dressed up for contemporary homes. Whether you’re planning to build a new home or are updating one room, Peek’s Floor Co. has the choices you need to make your design complete. Come visit us at one of our convenient locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth today.

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