Budding Rivalry Pits SPC Vinyl Plank Vs. WPC Flooring

Posted on 02/14/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

WPC flooring has been top dog among vinyl plank flooring, but it now has a rival. You can call it rigid core luxury vinyl or stick to its nickname, SPC. One of our favorite examples of SPC vinyl plank is Tarkett ProGen. In this article, we’ll look at how these two are different and alike.

This WPC vs SPC video demonstrates just how tough the best luxury vinyl plank flooring is. Tarkett ProGen is prepared to handle heavy furniture. You can drop something big on it, and it doesn’t dent like any other flooring would. Take a look:

Why is SPC Flooring so Tough?


SPC has a different core than WPC (wood plastic composite). A stone polymer composite gives SPC a sturdier interior that can take more punishment. Thus it is more likely to handle heavy sofas and tables without permanent dents. That holds true for bar stools and chairs as well.

Overall SPC may not be thicker than WPC, but SPC has a thicker top layer . The wear layer, as it is called, is critical when determining which vinyl plank is best in the long run.
For commercial properties and busy homes, SPC offers to hold its good looks longer. Home owners will need to weigh the difference between WPC and SPC vinyl plank flooring rigid core as they decide their flooring budget, but Tarkett ProGen is definitely a good investment.

Why Choose Tarkett ProGen?

Tarkett ProGen flooring can match any home or light commercial space. In the WPC vs SPC video, the plank has a pecan wood look. It’s one of 22 high-definition wood designs.

This high quality product has demonstrated superior scratch resistance and indent resistance. It is resistant to temperature change and won’t fade in sunlight. ProGen benefits from its center-to-surface engineering which makes it an one of the best rigid core vinyl plank flooring choices.

Tarkett, one of the best vinyl plank flooring brands, offers home and commercial vinyl plank flooring.

WPC vs SPC Flooring

When it comes to vinyl plank vs. laminate, vinyl plank wins hands down. But what about SPC vs WPC?

SPC shares the good traits that homeowners have come to associate with WPC flooring. This includes the fact that it is 100 waterproof. Whether you need a floor for a kitchen, entry way or bathroom, you can’t go wrong with SPC products. Even if moisture is present, SPC flooring won’t buckle or shift like real wood.

Better for imperfect subfloors, SPC has its rigid core to sustain it. You can install it over other flooring, including tile. Individual planks interlock with each other, and this forms a floating floor surface.

Clean up is easy. Just like WPC, Tarkett ProGen SPC can be swept, vacuumed and damp mopped. No other maintenance is required.

As we have already mentioned, SPC flooring is more durable than WPC. The rigid core helps it resist damage.

Furthermore, SPC products are sound absorbent. It is definitely a good choice for second-floor rooms and for rooms with a basement underneath.

And one more thing. The rigid core adds another layer to keep cold from seeping in.

What About Beauty?

The two flooring rivals have realistic looks that mimic wood and stone perfectly. SPC flooring matches, if not excels, WPC flooring quality.

SPC can be used to achieve designer looks where durability is an issue. This makes it a choice for many families. Regular wear is less likely to show, helping the floor hold its good looks and investment value.

Commercial property owners use SPC rigid core flooring in condos and other rentals where they want a high-end look. Restaurant owners prefer a product such as this one that doesn’t show wear and cleans up easily. Business managers will like how this looks in their offices as well as in upscale retail spaces.

What are the Four Layers of Rigid Plus SPC Vinyl Plank?

Bottom Layer: Backing layer provides a buffer between the flooring material and the subfloor.

Second Layer: Rigid Core is made of stone plastic composite. You may also hear it called stone polymer composite. This durable compound is ultra-dense. It is moisture resistant, which ensures that it will not swell or ripple.

Third Layer: The printed vinyl provides a beautiful look that won’t fade. The color and shading makes it appear like a real stone or wood product. Unlike wood, it won’t warp or fade over time.

Top Layer: A thick wear layer finishes off the plank. This gives it protection against scratches.

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