Dallas, TX, Shoppers Ask: Will Laminate Flooring Scratch?

Posted on 10/29/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

Dallas, TX, area shoppers often ask the Peeks staff: Will laminate flooring scratch?  That’s a common question about all flooring.  Buyers want to know if the flooring products they choose will stand the test of time.  Here are some facts about laminate flooring Dallas TX.  Hopefully this will give you a firmer idea about laminate durability.

Chosen for its durability, laminate is a common choice in homes and businesses. The product is generally made to resist spills and scratches.  The flooring has been perfected over the years, making it a higher quality material than ever before. 

Will Furniture Scratch Laminate?

In general, furniture will not scratch the floor. However, sliding furniture is one of the most common ways to scratch any surface.  If you have an area where chairs are moved constantly, you’ll want to add felt pads.  This applies to kitchen table chairs, dining room chairs, etc.  In addition, if you have a rolling office chair, you may want to put a plastic mat under it.  Instead of shoving couches or other large pieces, it is safer for the floor to lift it and move it. 

Will Pets or Kids Scratch Laminate?

Pets won’t have an easy time scratching laminate. The material won’t give them any encouragement.  It’s hard and firm, not pliable or soft.  Kids are unlikely to scratch it with their toys unless they bring outdoor equipment such as bikes or scooters into the house.  Foot traffic should not affect a good quality laminate.

What are AC Ratings for Laminate Flooring?


To determine the AC ratings, the laminate is tested for resistance to burns, impact, stain, abrasion, and moisture-related swelling.  The final rating is based on the laminate’s ability to withstand these tests.

AC 1, 2, or 3 ratings are for moderate, general or residential use.  A bedroom would use AC1/21 because it doesn’t see a lot of traffic.  A living room would use AC2/22 because it sees much more activity.  For entryways and other heavy traffic areas, you may want AC3/23.

AC 3 , 4 and 5 are moderate and general commercial grade.  For a small office, you might use AC3/31.  If it’s for a busy office or cafe, AC4/32 is the best choice. For heavy use at a retail store or public building, you will want AC5/33.

Does Thickness Matter?

Durability is not always directly tied to thickness.  However, you will want to consider the thickness when making your choice. A floor may be 6 millimeters thick or as much as 12 millimeters thick. 

Busy public hallways would need both a high AC rating and a maximum thickness.  Other businesses could get away with a good AC rating and a medium or minimal thickness.  If durability isn’t important, a low AC rating or thickness is the least expensive choice.

Your Peeks sales consultant can help you get the right durability, thickness and quality for your home or business project.

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Dallas, TX, Shoppers Ask: Will Laminate Flooring Scratch?

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