From Ceramic to Granite: Tile Flooring in Flower Mound

Posted on 07/03/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

Tile is the world’s oldest custom flooring option. The fact we still love it today is a testament to its durability, beauty and ease of care. If you’re looking to put tile flooring in your Flower Mound home, you have several options to choose from to find the perfect tile to your space.



Ceramic was the first tile ever made, and it’s the most widely available today. It’s made with a mixture of clays and minerals that are molded and kiln-fired at high temperatures. Most indoor tiles have a colorful, protective glaze that’s fired in to give it a resilient finish.

Ceramic tile is:

  • Affordable

  • Available in the most variations

  • Easy to cut and install

  • Easy to clean

  • Moderately durable

  • Water resistant

  • Stain resistant

Ceramic is well-suited for low- to medium-traffic areas, backplashes and tub and shower surrounds. Some classic tile looks, like Spanish tile, are typically made from ceramic.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic. It’s made with the same process, but it’s crafted with finer clays and fired at higher temperatures. The finished tile is denser and a little more expensive than standard ceramic. Today’s porcelain choices can be made to mimic the look of stone and even wood.

Porcelain tile is:

  • Highly durable

  • Available in glazes or full-body color

  • Easy to clean

  • Highly water resistant

  • Highly stain resistant

Porcelain tile is often made with pigments mixed into the clay for “full body color.” It helps hide scratches and other damage. Porcelain’s density makes it perfect for high traffic areas and outdoor use. However, being dense means it’s tougher to cut. It makes DIY projects harder and could increase installation costs on complex, professional projects.


Travertine is a type of limestone, a variety of rock that forms from mineral deposits slowly building up and solidifying into a single stone. Travertine is often the byproduct of natural hot springs. Like most stone floors, no two tiles are the same, but travertine is popular for having most pattern variation from tile to tile.

Travertine is:

  • Available in many gorgeous, heavily veined options

  • An affordable option in the stone group

  • Moderately durable

  • Highly stain resistant when buffed

Polished travertine is practically stain-proof, but the polish has to be maintained with regular buffing. When you stop by to shop tile flooring at our Flower Mound showroom, we can give you more information on the different finishes. Travertine can be prone to denting and damage from acidic liquids, so it’s best kept out of the kitchen.


Granite is formed by crystallized magma that contained elements like calcium and iron. It’s one of the most durable tiles on the market. It rarely needs to be replaced and provides a grand, earthy foundation to any room.

Granite is:

  • Striking

  • Often subtly glittery

  • Highly durable

  • Highly water-resistant

  • Highly stain-resistant

While cost-effective in the long term, granite requires a larger up-front investment. It can also be scratched by quartz, which is found in dirt and tracked in on shoes. It needs buffing to maintain its good looks. It’s also heavy, which can make installation costly and rule out upper floor uses.


Slate forms when a different type of rock is subjected to extreme conditions that morphs it into slate. It has a distinct, “cleaved” texture that’s popular and often featured in upscale home design.

Slate is:

  • Textured with a distinct, natural look

  • Slip-resistant

  • A good way to hide muddy footprints

  • Highly durable

  • Highly stain-resistant

Like granite, slate is a heavy material. It rarely needs to be replaced but requires a larger up-front investment. It also needs to be resealed annually.


Marble is one of the most classic choices for tile flooring in Flower Mound. Like slate, it’s formed when another type of rock is subjected to extreme conditions. Marble has an undeniably opulent look that many homeowners dream of.

Marble is:

  • Luxurious

  • Highly water-resistant

  • Takes a high polish

  • Easy to match for replacement tiles

  • Affordable when cultured

Marble requires a lot of love to maintain. It’s prone to staining, denting and acid damage. Sealing and regular polishing will help maintain it.

The Best Selection of Tile Flooring in Flower Mound

Every type of tile has its own personality, and the best way to find what will mesh with you is to come and introduce yourself. You’ll find hundreds of popular choices at our showroom. Stop by today!

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