How Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Made?

Posted on 06/28/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

If you haven’t taken a look at vinyl flooring lately, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Contemporary luxury vinyl (LV) floors are stunning duplicates of wood and stone. It’s worth a look if you’re shopping for flooring in Richardson. Wondering how they make the magic happen? LV manufacturing is a meticulous process that produces amazing results.

The “Ingredients”

Every company has a different “recipe” for their ideal LV floor, but the basic ingredients remain the same.

Those ingredients are:

  • Polyvinyl chloride resins: for structure and texture

  • Plasticizers: for softness and durability

  • Stabilizers: for durability and fade resistance

  • Pigments: for color and pattern

  • Fillers: for performance and color

  • Antimicrobials: for antifungal and antibacterial properties

Making the Luxury Layer Cake

The assembly process for every LV floor is just like its recipe. There may be small tweaks from company to company, but the basics are straightforward.

  1. Making the “Batter”: Key ingredients are melted into a thick liquid and mixed thoroughly.

  2. Baking the Cake: The mixture is spread evenly over a backing material and sent into a hot, dry oven to gel.

  3. Giving it Color: A decorative film is applied directly on top of the gelled base. The films are made using high definition, rotogravure printing that etches the design into the film and brings out every minute detail. There may be dozens of individual images, called “screens,” used in a single batch of flooring. The more screens there are, the more realistic the floor will look when it’s installed.

  4. Glazing: A protective wear layer is applied over the image. A thicker wear layer mean a more durable product. Wear layers can be glossy, satin or matte. With the wear layer applied, the sheet will need another trip to the oven to cure.

  5. Final Decoration: For realistic texture, the sheet is embossed using chemicals applied before the final cure. The most detailed flooring you see in Richardson showrooms also takes a trip through embossing rollers to sharpen and refine the designs.

  6. Cutting: The finished sheet is sent through an enormous die cutter to be cut into either planks or tiles.

  7. Serving: The sheet’s final destination on the assembly line is its core. Core materials and their backings vary, but they give body to the finished flooring. The flooring is now fully assembled and ready to be shipped to homeowners like you!

Finished LV flooring is a homeowner’s dream. It’s moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and warp-resistant. It cleans in a snap and has antimicrobial properties built right in. Every step on vinyl feels a little bit softer, and it even dampens sound. Best of all, you get incredible looks and an easy installation at a low price.

Special Options


One of the best things about LV flooring is that it’s 100% man made. The color options are practically endless, and manufacturers are always coming up with ways to make their LV into the “ultimate floor.”

At Peek‘s, our favorite options are the 100% waterproof choices. These floors are often made with hard vinyl cores and waterproof backing. The click-lock sides are waterproof themselves and click together so snugly that minimal liquid from spills will reach your subfloor. It’s the ideal flooring for basements, kitchens, mud rooms and families with pets. You can even have that hardwood look in your bathroom!

For eco-conscious homeowners, LV is a great choice. There’s plenty of beautiful LV flooring at our Richardson showroom that’s 100% recyclable. Choosing luxury vinyl over traditional hardwood saves trees, and some options are made with recycled materials from the start.

FloorScore Certification

Our homes are closed environments. What we bring in can stay trapped inside and circulate for quite some time. The chemicals in our home furnishings are no exception. Many homeowners, especially those with chemical sensitivities and asthma, want to make sure their furnishings are a healthy choice for their families.

If you want to ensure your new flooring meets your healthy home standards, keep an eye out for a FloorScore certification seal. FloorScore is an independent certification granted to flooring that passes stringent emission testing and is guaranteed to contribute to better indoor air quality. These floors are low in volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, and many FloorScore products also carry separate zero-phthalates seals from the manufacturer. Peek‘s is proud to carry a multitude of home-healthy, worry-free luxury vinyls for the conscientious homeowner.

Luxury vinyl is a gorgeous, affordable and easy-care alternative to hardwood and stone. You can find plenty of LV flooring around Richardson, but Peek’s Floor Co. has the biggest selection in town. Stop in today and ask one of our specialists just how easy caring for LV floors can be.

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