Paws and Claws: Choosing the Best Flooring for Pets

Posted on 05/08/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

They’re messy, scratchy and accident-prone, but we can’t help but love our pets. It just means we have some extra considerations to keep in mind when we go floor shopping. The latest floor tech puts practically every category on the table. From carpet to hardwood, there’s plenty of pet-friendly flooring available in Flower Mound, Texas.



Carpet with pets? Absolutely. Stain-resistant fibers and treatments have improved dramatically in the last few years. Keep in mind that stain and dirt resistance are different things. If you have a family member with allergies, you’ll want both.

All fiber types have their pros and cons. Wool and nylon, for example, hide dirt and are incredibly durable. Wool is also naturally dirt-resistant. However, they both need stain treatments. Olefin and polyester offer excellent stain resistance, but they don’t maintain their appearance as well. Triexta is stain-, dirt- and wear-resistant, but it’s relatively new and hasn’t been “market-tested.”

Narrow your options to cut loop carpeting. Closed loop carpets, like berber, are a snag hazard for pet nails. Shorter pile is easier to clean, but thicker pile conceals the appearance of dirt. If you’re considering anti-stain treatments, make sure you ask about longevity and warranty limits.


Nail scratches and moisture are your concern if you want hardwood. If you have a well house-trained pet, you can set the moisture concern aside. Otherwise, look at engineered hardwood. Its man-made core is more moisture resistant. Peek‘s keeps several types of engineered hardwood as part of the in-stock flooring available at our Flower Mound, Texas showroom, so you can get a quick install, too.

There are several ways you can handle potential nail damage. You could choose a hand-scraped hardwood, put down some rugs and consider any nail marks part of the wood’s character. It’s low-stress! If you’d rather minimize nail marks, research the coatings different manufacturers offer. Many offer new, ultra-strong coatings in their prefinished lines.

Your wood style can also made a difference. Harder woods, including most exotics and bamboo, are more durable. Exotics can be surprisingly affordable in engineered styles. Choosing lighter colors and satin finishes will also help conceal the appearance of scratches and dings.

Luxury Vinyl

Durable and practically waterproof, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile are the simplest choice for pet-friendly floors. Today’s styles use high definition prints of real hardwood and stone with intricate embossing to create a stunning, affordable and practical reproductions of the natural material floors you want.

LVP’s softer texture lets pet nails sink in instead of scratching the surface. Premium coatings added during the manufacturing process give you extra insurance against pet damage. Practically all LVP styles are water resistant on the top and bottom. If your pet is prone to accidents, look for lines that also have sealants applied to the interlocking edges.


Using stone tile in hallways, great rooms, kitchens and Florida rooms is becoming a popular style. It’s wonderfully durable if you have pets, but you do want to choose with care. Some stone, like marble, is more prone to staining and scratching. Others are slip hazards for overexcited pets that can end up skidding and hurting themselves.

One good way to shop for pet-friendly tile is to look for choices advertised as kid-friendly. These tend to be tough, non-skid and stain-resistant. Matte or satin finish stone-look porcelain is an excellent option. Because these tiles are man made, they can often give you the look of softer natural stones with none of the pitfalls.

Don’t forget about your grout selection. Grout often stains, but a darker grout is less likely to show discoloration. Choosing a thin grout line will also hide any staining you might end up with.


For well-housebroken pets, laminate can be a fantastic and affordable alternative to hardwood. Like LVP, laminate is made using high definition prints of real hardwood floors. They look beautiful, and the latest options are manufactured with some spectacularly strong top coatings.

Look for aluminum oxide coatings, which use powdered metal to bolster durability. You may want to opt for satin, matte or textured finishes. High gloss laminate is a slip hazard for pets, leading to joint damage and hard impacts with walls.

The paper layer that gives laminate its good looks can end up warped and discolored when exposed to moisture. For moisture insurance, consider laminate with water-resistant edge sealants or full waterproofing technology. These buy you extra clean up time in case of accidents.

Shopping Pet-Friendly Flooring In Flower Mound, Texas
If you’re not sure what you want, seeing all your options in one place can make all the difference. Peek‘s showroom gives you the chance to look at every major brand of every floor type in one place. Pop down to our Flower Mound showroom and browse our selection at your leisure.

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