Picture Your House with Spanish Porcelain Tile Flooring

Posted on 02/15/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

Imagine porcelain tiles made from clay in sunny Spain. Now imagine those tiles in your entryway, kitchen, and living room. You can have these for your home with the latest Spanish porcelain tile flooring deals from Peeks.

Discount Tile Flooring from Spain


Peeks is pleased to announce that it is now importing porcelain tile from Valencia, Spain. These tough, beautiful tiles come in three colors.

If you are wondering about porcelain tile installation costs, be aware that buyers can get a discount when they purchase this tile from Peeks.  At this time, our tiles are $7.99 with installation. The porcelain tile flooring cost without installation is $2.99 each. 

Other retailers sell the tiles for $3.99 to $7.99  before installation. Saving you on both the tile and installation costs, Peeks helps more customers utilize these high quality European tiles. 

Porcelain vs Ceramic Floor Tile

Porcelain is stronger and more durable than ceramic.  To create porcelain, the manufacturer achieves a denser material by using clay with finer particles.  It takes a much hotter process to fire it.  These high temperatures result in a harder glaze than is possible on a regular ceramic tile. 

This toughness also means that it is resistant to scratches. Adding value, the color is uniform throughout glazed porcelain tiles. This color uniformity means that scratches and dings, if they do happen, won’t be obvious.  For these reasons, porcelain is often targeted to heavy traffic areas in home improvement projects and commercial ventures.

Unlike its rival, porcelain is truly water-resistant. Ceramic tiles will absorb water over time, but porcelain tiles will not. That makes them the choice for outdoor applications as well as kitchens and bathrooms.  Keeping water resistance in mind, shoppers will have to decide which is better porcelain or ceramic tile when comparing costs.

Porcelain vs. Stone Tiles

Porcelain can perform as well as stone flooring tiles. With a surface quality often compared to granite, porcelain is hard and tough. It can be used outdoors due to its natural water-resistant qualities. Unlike stone which may need special cleaners, porcelain is easy to mop clean with mild soap and water.

Like stone, porcelain is a worthy investment. First, you can look at the porcelain tile flooring cost and see that it saves you money over stone.  Then there’s the fact that it can last for decades, saving money over short-term flooring solutions. Finally, it should be noted that porcelain is considered so high quality that it can be a selling point for your home in the same way that stone is.

Benefits of Porcelain Floor Tiles from Valencia Spain

Spanish porcelain tile manufacturers take great pride in their craftsmanship.  They combine Old World knowledge dating back centuries with contemporary applications of science and engineering. Their products are among the most beautiful you can find. 

  1. Handsome and Unique

  2. Tough and Durable

  3. Water Resistant

  4. Stain Resistant

  5. Long Lifespan

  6. Low Maintenance

  7. Home resale value asset

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