Shopping for High End Hardwood Flooring in Frisco, TX

Posted on 04/18/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

When it comes to hardwood floors, you know quality when you see it. The colors are deeper, each plank looks handcrafted and you can easily imagine flooring like it in a grand estate or penthouse suite. What makes high end hardwood stand out from the crowd? Our shopping guide will make you a pro at spotting key details when you browse luxury hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX.

What Makes Hardwood “High End?”


If you put good quality and high end hardwood side by side, most people can pick out the upper tier option immediately. Explaining how you can tell is harder. Luxury hardwood seems to radiate grandeur. The subtle perfection of high end hardwoods is part of their expert craftsmanship.

There are a number of factors that set them apart, including:

  • Richer, more dynamic colors within each plank

  • Better color consistency between planks

  • Fewer flaws in each plank

  • Magnificent grain lines that exemplify the species

  • Exotic species available

  • Hand-scraped and distressed textures

  • Small details like edge beveling

  • Wider, longer plank availability

  • Multiple finish options, including matte finishes

  • More durable factory finishes on prefinished hardwood

  • More durable cores in engineered hardwood

  • Better warranties

Clear and Distinct

All lumber is graded based on the “clarity” of the pieces, meaning how often natural defects like knotholes appear in the wood. Fewer defects means “clearer” wood and a higher grade. The lumber isn’t graded based on an inspector’s opinion. They follow a complex series of measurement requirements set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. High end hardwood tends to use more expensive, higher grade lumber to ensure a consistent look across their planks.

High end manufacturers are also selective about the lumber batches they use. While lower and middle tier hardwood options may show subtle grain differences between species, you’ll see each species’ classic characteristics shine through in upper tier brands. These manufacturers know that if you’re looking at cherry wood, you expect a soft, straight grain. If you’re looking at walnut, you expect a swirling grain with rich tonal variations. They choose lumbar batches that exemplify their species to give you the most impressive visual impact.

Deep and Consistent

Wood stains are a mixture of colorants suspended in oil or solvent that allow them to penetrate wood and set a new, permanent color. Luxury hardwood manufacturers often blend their own stains or use multi-step staining processes that impart deeper, richer tones in stained woods. These custom stains use more pigments, match the right pigments and solvents to the right woods or allow the wood to age to enhance stain absorption.

While you look at different brands of hardwood available in Frisco, TX showrooms, pay close attention to the color from plank to plank. In monochromatic plank styles, where each plank is meant to be the same color, you’ll notice that some brands seem to have more color variation between planks. High end brands use a variety of techniques, from pretreatments to custom staining, to ensure consistent color.

About Distressed Finishes

Nothing sets luxury hardwood apart quite like a hand-textured finishes. These craftsman looks have become a must-have in recent years, especially for rustic interior designs, but few people appreciate the artistry that goes into the process. A true hand-textured finish ensures no two planks look the same. Light plays beautifully across your floors, and their natural beauty shines through.

Hand-texturizing uses a variety of tools, including metal brushes and hand scrapers, to distress or scrape hardwood planks. Middle-tier brands may mechanize this process, but luxury hardwood brands employ artisans to finish each plank by hand. The artisans “read” every board and bring out its character with hand-aging and the addition of natural-looking “flaws” like worm holes.

Exotic Hardwoods for Your Frisco, TX Home

If the look of classic hardwoods isn’t for you, high end brands can offer new options in their range of exotic species. You don’t have to have a modern home to enjoy them. Many species, like acacia and teak, can give you a new twist on rustic hardwood floors.

In addition to unique grain patterns, like the swirled cappuccino of acacia and bold sweeps of hickory, many high end hardwoods boast distinctive hues like rich reds you can’t find in other species. Many are also more dense and durable. Brazilian cherry, for instance, is twice as hard as traditional red oak. Your investment practically protects itself.

At Peek‘s, we have one of the widest ranges of high end hardwood flooring available in Frisco, TX. From Italian luxury favorite Bella Cera to Texas native Trinity, you can find brands that set the standard of luxury hardwood. Visit us today to see the difference for yourself.

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