Ten Exciting Reasons to Use Laminate Flooring on Walls

Posted on 07/22/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

Laminate has started moving up the floor and onto walls. Why? Using laminate flooring on walls can add eye candy, definition, and contrast to a room. The design possibilities are huge, and the cost is relatively small. You can install laminate yourself, but there are reasons that professional installation is recommended.

  1. Choose from many styles. You won’t believe the number of choices you have. Muted neutrals, weathered wood, textured planks, and stone-look on walls can keep the room natural or even rustic. High-contrast variations and color patterns can add some pop to a modern look. Traditional styles and smooth laminates can add sophistication. Multi-width planks add visual interest. There are many superior brands in our store selection. It’s fun just to browse through to come up with ideas.

  2. Contrasting accent walls. Within the same color palette there are many coordinated variations. You can pick one for your walls that will complement your floors. Use laminate for one larger accent wall, two smaller facing walls, or the wall with a large item such as the TV, bookshelf or fireplace.

  3. Replace wallpaper. Although you can’t use it over wallpaper, you can use it in the same places after the wallpaper has been removed. You’ll have a new look that’s modern and sophisticated.

  4. Highlight architectural features. For shelves and other architectural insets, you can use laminate wood to create an interesting design to highlight them.

  5. Add wood laminate in a carpeted room. You can use it for an accent wall, half walls with or without chair rails, and as accents around a wall hanging or architectural feature.

  6. Use laminate as a headboard. The days of heavy headboards are behind us. You can create one with a wood laminate that’s just the size you want without overwhelming the room.

  7. Spice up your kitchen. Use laminate for a backsplash and tuck it between countertops and cabinets. Laminate is easier to clean than painted wood surfaces. For the backsplash, it’s more affordable than stone or ceramic tile.

  8. Frame it. Use wood laminate to frame areas where pictures hang or the TV is mounted. Just be careful because laminate must be reinforced if it is to hold heavy items. You can use laminate on walls to create contrast with alternating vertical and horizontal shapes made from laminate planks.

  9. Improve your bathroom. Laminate is easy to clean. So feel free to use it on the walls of your bathroom.

  10. Tone down the bright. Some rooms are so bright that they need something to tone it down. Wood-tone laminate accents are a simple answer.

Important Installation Hacks for Using Laminate Flooring on Walls

  • Choose well-known, high-quality brands such as Mohawk and Pergo laminate

  • Only install on primed or painted drywall

  • Do not install directly over wallpaper (remove and prime wall)

  • Do not install over paneling

  • Be aware of sloping walls (If isn’t perfectly flat, adjustments will need to be made.)

  • Add reinforcements under the laminate in areas where a TV or other heavy object may be installed

  • Be aware of the need for expansion gaps

  • Check out our

If you are interested in this designer method, talk to the pros at Peeks Flooring Company. We’ve got ideas, a great selection, and installation guides. Even better, we’ll do the laminate wall installation for you. Then you won’t be worried about nail guns, wall studs, construction adhesive, silicone adhesive, and expansion gaps. We’ll take care of all of that.

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