Uh-Oh! How to Treat Carpet Stains

Posted on 07/06/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

Slops and spills on your lovely carpet? Don’t panic. A little know-how can help you tackle those tough stains. Our stain treatment guide will show you how to rescue your carpet and keep your Frisco home looking great.


How To Clean A Stain
Some stain-cleaning rules are universal. No matter what you’re dealing with, always follow these guidelines:

  • Blot up all the stain liquid before rinsing or using a spot remover.

  • With blotting and drying, work from the outside in to keep the stain contained.

  • Never scrub carpeting. It can damage the yarn and push the stain down into the carpet pad.

  • Remove as much solid stain material as possible before you apply your cleaning solution.

  • Always new cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area.

  • Follow the package directions for store-bought spot cleaners carefully.

To use a DIY cleaning solution:

  • Use either a clean spray bottle or a clean rag. To use a rag, dab the cleaning solution onto the stain.

  • Apply a little bit of cleaner, then blot the stain with a dry rag. Repeat until the stain disappears.

  • Follow the same process using plain, cold water to rinse. Thoroughly blot dry.

Simple Stains

  • Sodas

  • Jelly

  • Washable paints and inks

  • Milk, ice cream and yogurt

  • Berries

  • Mud

  • Coffee

  • Tea

For synthetic carpet, use a DIY solution of 1/4 teaspoon non-bleach laundry detergent, white vinegar or both to 4 cups water. For wool carpet, use the vinegar solution only. Detergent will break down wool’s natural proteins and damage your carpet.

Tough Stains

  • Wine

  • Chocolate

  • Mustard

  • Pizza sauce

For synthetic carpet, use a solution of 1 teaspoon non-bleach dish liquid to 4 cups cold water. For wool carpet, use the vinegar solution or a store-bought, specialty wool spot cleaner. You may need to call a carpet cleaning specialist.

For stubborn stains, rinse the area with equal parts vinegar and water after cleaning.

Urine, Vomit and Feces

With these stains, you need to make sure you remove the discoloration and deodorize. Deodorizing is especially important if the stain was caused by pets. Even if you can’t smell it anymore, your pets can. They’ll continue to “re-mark” the area until the odor is completely eliminated.

A store-bought, enzyme-based cleaner is the best choice for synthetic fabrics. Enzymes directly attack the proteins that cause the stain and its odor and will even work in the carpet padding. They continue to work for hours to days after application. If you want to sanitize the spot with a vinegar solution, wait at least 24 hours after applying the enzymes.

If you don’t have an enzyme cleaner handy, use 1/4 teaspoon white vinegar to 4 cups water for urine and 1 teaspoon dish liquid to 4 cups water for feces and vomit. For wool fabrics, use the vinegar solution, a wool-safe spot treatment or call a professional.

Water Damage

Water damage stains are caused by sediment, dirt and minerals left behind by the water. For synthetic fiber carpets, use a solution of 1 teaspoon dish liquid to 2 cups water to coax out the deep dirt. Then, rinse with equal parts white vinegar and water. For natural carpets, use the vinegar rinse only.

For mildew and mildew smells, rinse with equal parts vinegar and water. Then sprinkle the area liberally with baking soda. Vacuum when the carpet is dry. Mildew is a common problem in below-grade areas, and newer carpet types and anti-stain treatments are more mildew-resistant. Research carpet appropriate for Frisco homes with basements and consider switching to a better suited carpet type.

When to Get Professional Cleaning

Some stains are just too tough to beat without professional equipment. Wool carpet, moderate water damage, set-in stains and extensive pet odors usually require professional intervention.

If you’ve had your carpet replaced in the last 10 years, make sure you check your warranty paperwork before you schedule your cleaning. If you have a stain resistance warranty, you may be able to submit your stain cleaning bill to the carpet manufacturer for a reimbursement.

Finding Stain-Resistant Carpet in Frisco

The best way to deal with stains is to have carpeting that makes cleanup easier. Modern carpet is available with built-in water resistance, state-of-the-art stain treatments and moisture-resistant padding that can be lifesaver when accidents happen.

At Peek’s, our selection feature the carpets best for Frisco homeowners. Whether you need insurance against wine stains in the dining room or some kid-proofing in the family room, we’ll help you find the right fit. Come and visit us to see what we have to offer.

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