What are the Benefits of Berber Carpet Dallas TX?

Posted on 05/21/2019Posted by Kevin Ward

Many people know what Berber carpet looks like, but what is Berber carpet exactly? Is it the right fit for your home? In which rooms will it work best? In this Berber carpet review, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of this popular flooring.

What is Berber Carpet?

When first introduced, Berber carpet was a light color with flecks of a darker natural color such as gray or brown. It was named for a North African tribe. The Berbers are known for their weaving style, which inspired the carpeting style.

Modern Berber carpets, however, are not always flecked. They may be multi-colored or solid. Now the name refers to the process by which they are made as much as what they look like. Unlike the original Berber carpets, there are many price points. One thing that’s still the same is the fact that Berber is often inexpensive compared to another carpet. In other words, you may be able to get a nicer Berber for a lower cost than a rival.

Today’s Berber Carpets


Berber is made with olefin. This is a manmade fiber which costs less than wool or nylon. Unlike cut-pile carpeting, the carpet loop isn’t cut off. This makes the manufacturing process less expensive. It also changes how the carpet feels beneath your feet. Today’s shoppers can expect to find many color choices with stain resistant treatments. Many manufacturers have been working to soften Berber carpets while retaining their best qualities.


  • Looped carpet is more durable. It can withstand more traffic.

  • Loops help keep stains from absorbing into the carpet, making it easier to keep clean.

  • Flecked or multicolor Berbers won’t show dirt the same way a solid cut-pile carpet will.

  • Quality Berber is less expensive than many rivals.

  • The right Berber may last years longer than a cheap cut-pile carpet.


  • Looped carpet is not soft compared to cut-pile carpet.

  • Berber carpets do not fit into a luxury setting.

  • Vacuums with a beater bar attachment can ruin Berber.

  • Cats may ruin Berber by using it to sharpen their claws.

  • With extremely busy use, loops can catch and tear, causing the carpet to run.

To get more information, take the hands-on approach. Visit our showroom and touch the many different Berber carpets available. With your room measurements, we can estimate the cost of different products to help you determine your best buy.

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