What Carpet Should I Use In What Rooms?

Posted on 06/27/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

There’s no rule saying you have to use the same carpet throughout your home. By customizing your choices to each room, you can maximize your design potential and match the right carpet to the right job. There are thousands of options available in carpet stores around Dallas, TX. Get to know the best choices for your rooms and get ready to explore!

The Family Room

The heart of the home deserves the best carpet. Look for selections that balance high-traffic tolerance with homely visual and textural softness. If your family values comfort, look at cut loop styles with excellent stain resistance and fluffy frieze styles that can take the foot traffic. If you don’t have young kids or pets, berber and cut-and-loop are denser, stiffer choices that are easier to clean.

Family room carpets need to stand up to more dirt and foot traffic than any other carpet in the home. Focus on choices with stain and durability warranties like premium treated nylons, nylon blends and SmartStrand. Avoid pure polyester. It won’t hold up to the family stampede.

The Bedroom


Bedrooms are a dream to pick carpet for. They’re low traffic and often see the lowest amounts of dirt and stains. If you’ve ever wanted to spring for luxury plush or playful shag carpet, the bedroom is the place to do it! Long or thick pile choices make for the coziest possible space. Cut-and-loop can also make a classy design statement.

Low foot traffic also means prioritizing comfort over stain resistance. Go for nylon or wool that feels amazing. For kid’s bedrooms or family members in hardworking, grease-and-dirt industries, don’t skip stain resistance entirely. Look at SmartStrand and nylon with the best stain treatments.

The Playroom

Playrooms see all kinds of trouble, but there’s plenty of carpeting up to the task. Look for fibers that can handle some tracked-in mud, spilled juice and messy art projects. Nylon blends or polyester with stain treatments are a cost-effective choice if your children will outgrow their playroom before any stain guards wear off. SmartStrand is a better route for very young children or if you want to keep the carpet after your kids outgrow the space.

With its durable, tight twists, frieze is one of the best carpet types for playrooms. It does an excellent job concealing dirt and is soft on little feet. Cut-and-loop can also hide dirt while dressing things up with a fun patterns. Standard cut carpet is comfortable and affordable. Just avoid closed loop styles that will catch on toys and fray.

The Formal Room

Whether you’re decorating a formal dining room or a sitting room, you’ll want many of the same traits in your carpeting. Your choice needs a clean, elegant structure that keeps its crisp looks and bright color. Look to low pile, loop and cut-and-loop options for a neat-and-proper foundation or go plush in the sitting room for a ritzy touch.

Dirt-repellent fibers like SmartStrand and treated wool are an excellent choice for formal spaces. Both are workhorse fibers that look beautiful for years to come. Wool carpet also has natural warm undertones that make it look stately. If you’ve never compared wool to standard carpet, stop by some carpet stores in Dallas, TX to see the color difference for yourself.

The Office

Carpet in the office? If you take a look at the modern patterns available at carpet stores in Dallas, TX, you’ll see why. The contemporary prints and subtle cut-and-loop designs available today can set the mood for a relaxing, inspiring or even formal space.

Office carpeting won’t see many stains, so you can feel free to choose soft but affordable materials like nylon without worrying. If you like efficiency in your work space, loop or low pile carpet looks formal and is the easiest to clean. If your office is your main creative space, it might be worth it to go for luscious wool for natural inspiration.

The Basement

No matter what you plan on using the space for, basements and other below-ground structures should be water-tight and leak-free before you consider carpet. Once you’ve addressed any moisture concerns, you can still take out some “insurance policies” in case you spring a leak in the future.

In low traffic areas or for temporary carpeting, olefin can be a fine solution. It offers excellent moisture resistance for the price. For higher traffic and moderate “anti-moisture” insurance, look into nylon blends with anti-stain treatments and water-resistant backings. For maximum protection, go with SmartStrand. It’s the only fiber that’s built for water- and stain-resistance from the ground up.

Contemporary carpet choices range from sleek and modern to relaxed and comfy. There’s something for every room’s design scheme. If you’re ready to browse carpet stores in Dallas, TX, come and visit us at Peek‘s Floor Co. today.

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