What You Need to Know Before Carpet Installation

Posted on 04/24/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

You’ve learned everything you can about carpeting, finalized your design plans and made your choice. Now it’s time to consider installation. Being ready for the decisions ahead will help ensure an easy installation and excellent results. Before you schedule your appointment, find out what to expect when you choose carpet installation from Flower Mound, TX’s favorite flooring professionals.

Don’t Forget Underlayments


Carpeting requires an underlayment, or a padding layer between your carpet and the subfloor below. Carpet pads help prolong the life of your carpeting by giving it a smooth, forgiving surface to sink into when you walk across it. Depending on the condition of your subfloor, you may also need a fresh vapor barrier and plywood installed to further protect your new carpeting.

Most carpeting comes with free padding, but it’s not the best quality. Upgrading to a high quality padding gives you the opportunity to improve your sound insulation, underfoot feel and carpet durability. You’ll be asked about underlayments when you order carpet or schedule carpet installation for your Flower Mound, TX home. Take the opportunity to ask about your options and go with the best you can afford.

Professional Carpet Installation by Flower Mound, TX Specialists

On the surface, it may look like you have a few options for carpet installation. You could do it yourself, hire a big box retailer or go with a flooring specialist. We always recommend sticking with the specialists, and it’s not just because we’re specialists ourselves. Flooring specialists are craftsman with an eye for detail and years of industry experience. You’ll be able to see the difference in your finished flooring.

A professional installer will be able to identify and address issues, including moisture concerns and subfloor problems, you or a rushed big box contractor may miss. Specialists also know how to minimize the appearance of seams better than anyone. We know how to make seaming diagrams, use tricks like running seams parallel to door openings and adapt to specific carpeting types for the best possible look. We also know how to best match surface heights when transitioning between floor types and tackle other tricky areas with ease.

Plan Ahead for Doors and Trim

Installing new carpet can cause a few unexpected hiccups if you don’t plan ahead. The first is doors. New carpeting is often higher than old flooring, even old carpet, and can prevent doors from opening and closing smoothly. Your installers don’t have the tools to fix this problem. While they may be happy to remove doors for you, make sure you have the number of a good general contractor or carpenter handy so you can have your doors planed to fit after your carpet goes in.

The second concern is trims and molding. Trims, baseboards and moldings have to be taken off of walls and put back on in order to install carpet properly. It’s normal for paint to be damaged, moldings to get dinged and older, brittle trims to break. You can purchase easy trim repair kits yourself or plan on having a painter come in behind your installers to fix up the moldings.

Don’t Forget Your Old Floors

In some cases, carpeting can be put over existing hard floors like wood. In other cases, it’s necessary to rip up your old floors to ensure seamless transitions, create an even floor or make sure the new floor doesn’t wear out prematurely. Your carpet installer will be happy to rip up your old flooring and haul away the debris for a reasonable fee. Just make sure you discuss it with them when you schedule installation.

You can also remove your old flooring yourself. If you want to do so, plan on having your old flooring pulled up the day before installation is set to begin. Your installation team can do a quick cleanup before they get to work. They may also be able to haul your old flooring away for you for a small fee if you arrange it ahead of time.

Other Considerations

Before installation day, your installer will ask that you remove all delicate, valuable and personal items from the rooms that need carpeting. This includes things like emptying china cabinets, removing guns from the room, and so forth. Some installers may be willing to move your furniture out of the rooms for a fee. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure it’s done before your crew arrives.

An adult family member will need to be home while installation is taking place. When it’s complete, the project manager will walk the areas with you for a final inspection.

When you’re ready to schedule your carpet installation in Flower Mound, TX and surround areas, give Peek‘s a call. With nearly 50 years of industry experience, we know how to make your new carpet look its best.

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