Which Carpet Fiber is Best? Getting to Know Carpet Types

Posted on 04/20/2017Posted by Kevin Ward

From classic wool to new technologies like triexta, there is a surprising number of carpet fiber types on the market. It’s hard to tell which is best for your family just by scrunching your hand in a few samples on the showroom floor. Before you go shopping for carpet in Richardson, TX, get to know the pros and cons of each type so you can make the best decision.

Wool: A Natural Choice for Carpet in Richardson, TX


Wool is the original carpet fiber, and it’s far from obsolete. Wool is today’s luxury carpeting choice and is prized as a sustainable, eco-friendly material. It feels incredible underfoot and boasts a unique feature. Wool helps control indoor humidity levels by absorbing moisture when it’s humid and releasing it when it’s dry.


  • Stands up to the heaviest foot traffic

  • Readily accepts dyes for the richest possible colors

  • Soft, natural feel underfoot and in appearance

  • Superior insulating qualities

  • Hides the appearance of dirt

  • Cleans easily

  • Controls indoor humidity

  • Naturally flame-retardant


  • Most expensive fiber type

  • Can be susceptible to staining if not treated

  • Susceptible to deterioration from alkaline liquids, bleach and enzymatic cleaners

  • Susceptible to fading when consistently exposed to sunlight

Polyester: The Softer Side of Carpet

Economical polyester is the softest of the synthetic fiber types. Most polyester is made from recycled materials, like plastic bottles, and it offers excellent stain and soil resistance for its price range.


  • Affordable

  • Luxuriously soft

  • Incredibly stain-resistant

  • Colors won’t fade

  • Produces less static than other synthetic fibers

  • Good durability


  • Not durable enough for high traffic areas

  • May not perform well in low-pile or tight twist styles

  • Oil-based stains can be difficult to remove

  • Once matted, like under heavy furniture, it may not bounce back

Nylon: The Durable Choice

Nylon and nylon blends are the staple for quality carpeting. These tough, elastic fibers can stand up to high traffic areas for many years. They might be stain-prone, but stain-resistance treatments can help preserve your carpet’s color.


  • Most durable synthetic fiber

  • Superior resiliency and elasticity, bouncing back readily from crushing and dragging

  • Available in practically every style

  • Hides the appearance of dirt well


  • More expensive than polyester

  • More prone to static

  • More prone to staining unless treated

  • Acid dyed options can bleach, fade or react with pet urine

  • Some types are prone to fading

Olefin: Great Stain Resistance
Olefin, also called polypropylene, is an economical solution when you need maximum stain resistance on a budget. While it’s not the most durable fiber, it can be a good choice for areas like basements that don’t see a lot of foot traffic but could be susceptible to moisture and drink spills.


  • Inexpensive

  • Excellent resistance to water-based stains

  • Colorfast and fade-resistant

  • Quick-drying and mildew-resistant, making it great for basements

  • Resists stains and bleaching from acids


  • Weakest fiber type, making it compress and mat easily

  • Often only available in closed-loop styles like Berber

  • Highly susceptible to oil-based stains

  • Is not soil resistant and can be difficult to clean

Triexta: Superior Stain and Soil Protection

Stain-resistant fibers are one of the most popular choices for carpet in Richardson, TX, and triexta fibers are some of the best available. Also known as Sorona, triexta fibers have permanent stain resistance built in down to the core of each fiber. Mohawk is currently the only brand to offer triexta. Their SmartStrand line has added permanent protection on the exterior.


  • Best stain resistance available

  • Releases dirt readily when cleaned

  • Often made from renewable resources like corn

  • Covered by excellent warranties

  • Excellent resiliency

  • Good for allergy sufferers

  • Often less expensive than nylon


  • New to the market, so little is known about its long term performance

  • Sometimes more expensive than polyester

Now that you have an idea of each fiber’s properties, you can shop all the options with confidence. You won’t find a full range of carpet just anywhere in Richardson, TX. Peek’s has the best selection of carpet in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by and talk to one of our carpeting specialists.

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